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Summit Technical Solutions (STS) is seeking a
Financial Support Manager
at Hill AFB, UT. The Financial Support Manager assists program managers, the Program Control office (AFNWC/NIP) and the Product Support Division (AFNWC/NIL) in the preparation of the annual Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and related briefings; ensure programs comply with fiscal laws and funding policies prior to the Early Acquisition Strategy (EAS) briefing, Early Strategy and Issues Session (ESIS) and POM submission; ensure all acquisition and sustainment program requirements are recorded, programmed, and phased correctly in Comprehensive Cost and Requirements (CCaR) System; map program budgets in the CCaR Program Tool; allocate program budgets across all related CCaR records; review cost estimates (both Program Office Estimates (POE), POE annual updates and Independent Government Estimates (IGE)) to ensure both requirements and budgets are accurately recorded in CCaR across the programs life. The Financial Support Manager assists with monitoring and analysis of Acquisition Program Baselines (APB) and provide a monthly APB Status Report to both the program manager and FM management when APB thresholds are at risk of a breach. Assist program managers and assigned ICBM Divisions in the preparation of the Budget Estimate Submission, President s Budget and Annual Execution Plan as required.

The Financial Support Manager is proactive in assisting with formulating, documenting and justifying of division program budgets in accordance with ICBM standards and regulatory guidance. This position includes administration of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) system as it pertains to Financial Management (FM) within the ICBMSD, while providing decision support and financial reporting to ICBM personnel, management and stakeholders and ensuring the integrity of financial data within government accounting and information systems. They assist with monitoring daily all administrative limitations and ceilings, manage them to avoid breaches and provide an Administrative Limitations Status Report each month. The Financial Support Manager also assists program managers in managing budget overages and shortfalls, assisting the Program Control office in the preparation of reprogramming/realignment requests that meet overall system priorities.

Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assist with accurately preparing Target Loads according to Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) standards, while ensuring they are supported by Budget Authorization/Allocation or Operating Budget Authority documentation
  • Monitoring daily all administrative limitations and ceilings, manage them to avoid breaches and provide an Administrative Limitations Status Report each month
  • Assist with review and coordinate correctly prepared funding documents and reject those that are not correctly prepared within two (2) business days of receipt
  • Implement the management principles and mandatory policies that govern the Defense Acquisition System as defined in DoD Directive 5000. 01 and DoD Instruction 5000. 02
  • Assist with creating, reviewing and analyzing funding documents including:
    • AFMC Form 36 - Purchase Request
    • AF Form 9 - Requests for Purchase
    • DD Form 448 - Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
    • AF Form 185 - Project Order
    • AF Form 4009 - Government Purchase Card Fund Cite Authorization
    • AF Form 406 - Miscellaneous Obligation/Reimbursement Document
    • AFMC Form 181 - Project Order
    • AF Form 616 - Fund Cite Authority
    • AFMC Form 376 - Administrative Commitment Document
  • Understand and ensure compliance with the fiscal laws and funding policies that make up the Purpose Statute, Bona Fide Needs Rule, Anti-Deficiency Act, Full Funding Policy, Incremental Funding Policy and Annual Funding Policy while reviewing funding documents.
  • Assist with ensuring that all funding documents are executed within the allowable balances of all administrative limitations, ceilings and ICBM Execution Plans
  • Create obligation forecasts for all funded requirements. The Contractor shall actively participate in the Contract Award Review (CAR) process by working closely with Program Managers (PMs) and contracting personnel throughout the month
  • Create expenditure forecasts for all RDT&E/3600 funded requirement
  • Work with PMs each month to ensure Unfunded Requirements (UFR) are recognized and properly supported in the CCaR record and in the UFR process
  • Assist with analyzing fund execution each month and identify potential funding sources as needed for all UFRs and prepare a Funding Recommendations Report for the applicable government appropriation lead

This opportunity is contingent on contract award to STS.

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